Should You Move Money Around During The Mortgage Process

Dated: 01/08/2020

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So let's say you've got a few different accounts.

You've got your main household checking account.

You've got your personal checking account.

Then there's your savings account.

And don't forget your money market account.

When you're applying for a mortgage, the bank is going to want to see your bank accounts. They might be OK with just the household checking account though. So, you go about your business and live your life.

But, you want to buy furniture for the new house so you transfer $5,000 from your money market account to the household checking account.


The bank is going to see that transfer and want to know immediately what it's from. They're probably going to need to see the money market statement. And on and on and on... it's like they suspect us all of using drug money to buy houses 🤦

So, if you're in process of getting a mortgage, maybe check with your lender before moving the money around.

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